Corporate business model is the most important indispensable management tools of institutions with information technologies. Organizations that use the Enterprise Business Model to develop their business needs in line with their day-to-day requirements use the knowledge and expertise of the globally accepted IIBA® International Institute of Business Analysis methodology.

It enables business analysts to define the processes, concepts, and techniques that can deeply understand the expectations of the institution and address the needs without breaking the model integrity of Information Technology. Establishment of the Business Analysis processes and preparation of the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of the Corporate Model are an important part of the service.

While Business Analysis aims to support design and process improvement efforts, it helps to build up sufficient knowledge about all relevant processes.

What are the benefits we provide within the Business Analysis Consultancy?

  • Demand Management enables you to shape your requirements management processes according to best practices.
  • Describes effective communication, negotiation techniques and your Information Gathering Process, Scope Management.
  • Change with Impact Analysis Define your management processes according to best practices.
  • Define Enterprise Solution Development and Implementation activities compatible with corporate expectations.
  • Develop the competence of Business Analysts; Provides effective use of your resources, speeds up, reduces costs.
  • Contributes to the development of employees and processes through knowledge transfer
  • Provides planning opportunities for long-term needs
  • Provides your leadership and directors with the challenges you face

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