Contents of Education

"Training Duration is 2 days"
Requirements Engineering Concepts

  • Concepts
  • Requirements Management & Processes
  • Problem Analysis
  • Identification of the Stakeholder Requirements Analysis and Requirements
  • Requirements Elicitation Techniques: Use Case, User Story, Business Rules Analysis, Prototyping, brainstorming, Traceability Matrix, Focus Group Studies, Impact Analysis, Requirements Workshop
  • Documentation Requirements Management
    Project Scope Management
  • Contents Scope Definition and Scope Management Plan
  • Scope Management Plan and Project Management Plan Relationship
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Requirements Management Plan
  • Creating the Scope Management Plan
    Change Management
  • Configuration Management What is it?
  • Requirements Management Configuration Management
  • What is change management?
  • Change Management Process Definition

Education Who Should Attend

  • Business Analyst,
  • Systems Analyst,
  • Process Analyst,
  • Process Managers,
  • Project Managers,
  • Team Leaders / Managers, Enterprise Architects,
  • Business Analysis and Requirements Management to improve the knowledge in the area and individuals who want to improve their business performance,
  • Business Analysis and individuals who want to pursue a career in the Requirements Management area Business Analysis Business Analysis process governing team or the Middle and Upper Management,
  • Information Technology Managers


  • Shift in the scope of the project (Scope Creep) to prevent,
  • Analysis of correctly done and needs approval cycle (sign-off cycle) shortening,
  • Project for the extension of the analysis and incorrect / incomplete analysis of demand-induced changes (Change Requests) to prevent,
  • Project analysis documents prepared according to international standards,
  • Supported by analysis of the project documents, diagrams analysts, business units and to make it more understandable by yazılımcılar,
  • Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Configuration Management processes and iterative requirements management process with an end to end integration
  • Effectively prevent the occurrence of unexpected failure to implement the requirements and impact analysis of changes in the project management

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