Contents of Education

"Duration is 2 days"

  • What is persuasion?
  • Basic Persuasion Techniques
  • Advanced Persuasion Strategies
  • Delta model in effect
    • - 7 keys to sleep
    • - Non-verbal adaptation
  • Persuasion by talking
  • Preparing for Boating
  • Who is more Brahmin?
  • Secrets of the Banner
  • Influence Laws
    • - The Law of Reciprocity
    • - Time law
    • - Contradictory law
    • - Friends law
    • - Expectation law

Education Who Should Attend

Administrators, Sales and Marketing employees, all departmental employees, and any individual who has completed the age of 18 who wants to develop this field.


With this training, both as a profession, as an additional job and also to add a positive perspective on your social life. You can use it in order to walk with sure steps to your goals and goals. To be more successful and happy in your business and private life.

  • Recognise the difference between influencing and persuading to use the right skill at the right time.
  • Understand and develop your influencing and persuading styles.
  • Understand the essential elements of high quality, persuasive and influential communication.
  • Influence and persuade people with different communication preferences in a range of situations.
  • Find common ground, connect emotionally and deal with rejection when persuading others.

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