Contents of Education

TDD You will have an advanced understanding of basic concepts and terminology, real-life situations, examples and interactive group discussions, and extensive application in each module.

TDD Foundation

o What is TDD?

o Agile Manifesto

o Basic Philosophy of TDD

o TDD Principles

o Unit Test's purpose

o Test Methods and Spreads

Object Oriented Programming Principles (Abstract)

o Unit Test and Tools

o Hello Unit Testing

o Hello Test First Development

· Dependency Injection

o What is IoC? What Works?

o Basic DI Principles

o The Importance of DI in Test Code

o Dependency Injection with Unity

o Write Test Code with Fake Object

o State and Interaction Based Verification

o Stub and Mock Concepts

o Working with Dynamic Mock Libraries

o Testing External Libraries (Db, FileSystem, etc.)

TDD and Refactoring

o Basic Refactoring Techniques

o Testability of an Existing Code

o Basic OOP Principles and Test Code Effect

o Testable Software Design

o Quality of Test Code

o A Good Unit Test Structure

o What the Test Fixture MUST DO

o ObjectBuilder and ObjectMother Forms

o Test Smells

o Unit Test Patterns / Antipatterns

· Behavior Focused Development (BDD)

Differences with TDD

o Acceptance Test Driven Development

o Specification by Example

Use of Test Tools

o Code Coverage Concept

o Handling Successful and Failed Tests

o Organization of Test Code

o Reuse Test Code

· Continuous Delivery

o Automated Builds and Test Code Relation

o Continuous Integration

o Continuous Delivery

Education Who Should Attend

  • Software Development Specialists,
  • Software Testing Specialists,
  • Change and Configuration Management Specialists,
  • Individuals working in IT operations or IT service management,
  • Individuals affected by continuous improvement:
  • Test Engineers,
  • Product Owners,
  • Integration Experts,
  • Operations Managers,
  • Event and change managers
  • System Administrators,
  • Automation Architects,
  • Business Architects,


  • What is "what is TDD?"
  • Values and principles,
  • How TDD relates to frameworks such as DevOps, Agile, Lean, and IT Service Management,
  • Test-based Development The basic features of the culture,
  • TDD roles, the considerations of DevOps, including its own crews and corporate structure,
  • You will have extensive knowledge about TDD Applications.

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