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"Training Duration is 2 days."
Process management does not just set out the way of doing business and management methodologies, but also provides important returns to build management models, plan for the future and ultimately bring the organization to the future. Institutions and organizations that develop and improve their processes, such as culture, common values, philosophy and management and business disciplines, are moving forward.

  • Are your processes aligned with your corporate strategy and business goals?
  • Are your services / products very repeatable from a personal initiative, presented within a specific standard?
  • Can you meet customer expectations fast and high quality?
  • Do you have a performance measurement and management system?
  • Can you use your resources effectively?

Process Modeling

  • Why model business processes?
  • Key principles
  • Process maps and types of information captured in a model
  • Data gathering techniques
  • Modeling pitfalls and how to avoid them
    Workshop - Part 1

Process Analysis

  • Prerequisites
  • Key steps
  • Improvement techniques
  • Tools and methods
  • Analysis pitfalls and how to avoid them
    Workshop - Part 2

Process Design

  • Prerequisites
  • Key steps
  • Benchmarking
  • Design principles
  • Tools
  • Design pitfalls and how to avoid them
    Workshop - Part 3

Process Measurement Overview

  • What is process measurement?
  • Various measurement approaches (organization, process, compliance)
  • Benefits and drawbacks of approaches
    Organizational level approach to Measurement
    Process level approach to Measurement
    Process measurement discipline

Education Who Should Attend

  • Implementing process management disciplines from every sector, planners,
  • Business unit employees, Managers and Experts, Information and Communication Technology managers and experts,
  • Business Analysts, Business Architects,
  • Members of the Project Management Office, Project Managers,
  • Team Leaders, Team Members,
  • Those who want to find solutions to their corporate problems.


  • Systematic process management, learning mechanisms will be created in line with corporate objectives;
  • Set up the process of improving the process of managing discipline and ensure effective
  • Define the roles and responsibilities associated with the process
  • Understand how to measure business processes at various levels of detail
  • Be able to rapidly and effectively build a measures framework for monitoring, control, and/or improvement
  • Understand how to present the results of process measurement in a compelling way
  • Using process metrics to develop effective process designs
  • Create an enterprise Process Map

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