Contents of Education

"Duration is 1 day"
What change?

Reasons for Change ( To Be Different )
- Internal factors
- External factors
- Detection of Changes in organization and reactions ( change in what happens to us ? )
Successful Change Management
( Resistance to change and what to do to be successful )
Reasons for resistance
- Overcoming resistance coming from
Change Management Process
Diagnosis and planning
- Defining goals
- Determining who will Affected
- Determination of coercive and restrictive power
- Evaluation of alternative
Managing Change
Measuring and maintaining the changes of results
Change and Leadership
Advices to Individuals and Institutions

Education Who Should Attend

Organizational change, managers who need to understand and manage transformation, and employees at all levels,

  • Business Units,
  • Technical experts,
  • Development and Operation specialists,
  • Team members,
  • Support teams,
  • Project Managers,
  • Business Analysts,
  • System Analysts,
  • Project Team Members,
  • Technical Professionals,
  • Senior Managers,
  • HR Managers
  • Experts,
  • Engineers,


Gaining knowledge and skills through change management theory. The goal of change is to achieve less costly and more efficiently in a shorter time. The company provides its employees with a focus on change objectives. It is aimed to improve the skills and leadership styles of the employees in line with the expectations of the coporate. It is necessary to raise employee awareness about corporate transformation and change and to reflect on the performance of the company.
Develop a clear understanding of how to undertake change:

  • Develop smart methods to manage change that takes people's different attitudes and feelings into account
  • Variable resistance and how to handle it,
  • Various strategies and tactics to effectively manage change,
  • You learn to recognize the strengths, resources and skills of a successful change. .

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