Contents of Education

"Duration is 2 days."
DAY 1 : Mastering Communication  
DAY 2 : Mastering the body language  

In accordance with the expectations and needs of the institution, improvement points of the communication of the employees of the institution will be determined and the content design of the training will be reviewed again.

  • Communication accidents
  • Features of communication
  • Behavior Window
  • Use of body language, quiet language tools
  • Active listening skills
  • Asking questions, asking" right "questions
  • Expressing and managing emotions
  • Empathy can be achieved
  • To be able to behave according to the situation
  • I speak your language
    At the end of the training, people will gain awareness of communication and learn personal communication styles and learn how to remove potential obstacles to their communication. Communicating acquires skills such as expressing oneself and feelings, mutual trust, listening effectively, asking the right questions, giving advance notice, and choosing appropriate behavior. The body learns the subtleties of quiet language about gestures and mimics.

Education Who Should Attend

Individuals and employees who want to learn the intricacies of communication and body language and use it effectively in their careers


Participants in the training will demonstrate their correct behavior patterns and approaches within the organization. Expressing themselves, developing relationships with teammates and helping them to demonstrate their performance more effectively will also contribute to increased corporate performance.

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