Contents of Education

"Duration 2 days"
With the help of critical and urgent work arranging techniques and different applications, it is the goal of education to facilitate employees to find solutions in business and private life, to be aware of time management disability habits and to improve their performance by improving their performance.

  • Time concept and time sense
  • Time pareto relation
  • Time thieves
  • Time dial
  • Time management solution keys
  • Our people's sense of time management
  • Time management triggers and blockers
  • Worker's organizational management
  • Manager's agenda management
  • Current recommendations in time management

Education Who Should Attend

Today, managers and employees who want to use their time effectively.


Taking into account the priorities, it will successfully manage the time, improving the ability of employees and managers to manage time effectively, increasing the institution's performance in terms of productivity and effectiveness, and winning the awareness of business professionals to organize urgent and important tasks.

  • Determine why time management problems are occurring
  • To develop business planning and prioritization skills
  • Understanding the importance of determining clear goals
  • Reduce wasted time and distractions in the workplace
  • To learn not to distract from your priorities
  • Self motivation as a time management tool
  • Avoiding unexpected events that will steal time
  • Tools and techniques for delegation
  • Sometimes the request is 'No'

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