Contents of Education

"Duration is 2 days"
To develop and manage the ability to organize efficient and successful meetings for the aims and objectives of the institution, to increase the harmony and synergy between the participants, to increase the awareness of the people about various applications, and to practice the practices to increase meeting efficiency.

  • Objectives of the meeting
  • Effective planning of the meeting
  • The duration and content of the meeting
  • Things to do before the meeting
  • Things to do during the meeting
  • Things to do after the meeting
  • Roles in the meeting
  • Responsibilities of meeting participants
  • Responsibilities of the presiding individuals
  • Meeting decisions and settlement management
  • Our people's understanding of meeting management
  • Meeting management triggers and blockers
  • Effective meeting management recommendations

Education Who Should Attend

The most time-consuming and unnecessary effort spent in companies is the time spent at meetings. Most meetings are thought to be wasted time for employees and time spent on tasks, and it is frustrating.
Company employees and managers who want to organize and organize efficient and successful meetings.


The planning of meetings and the effective use of the duration of the meeting, the avoidance of prolonged meetings, the facilitation of breaking the negative behavior habits of the meeting organizer and meeting participants.
Increasing the awareness of people and ensuring that decisions that produce successful, productive results are taken, contribute to the performance of the institution and the individual with this training.

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