Contents of Education

"Duration is 2 days"

  • Screen Design / User Experience Design Process
  • Scope Layer
  • Determination of Functional Requirements
  • Structural Design Layer (Interactive Design)
  • Skeleton Layer
  • Visual design
  • Fundamentals Of Mobile UX Design

Education Who Should Attend

Business analysts who will design requirements based on user experiences, Middle and Upper Level Managers who manage Business Analysis teams or Business Analysis processes and additionaly,

  • Information Technology Managers 
  • Project Managers,
  • Team Leaders
  • Team Managers,
  • Test team members
  • Those who want to improve their expertise in user experience


Deploying solutions during design to increase users' performance pratics;

  • Integration of Analysis, Design, Coding, Test Management processes
  • Developing user interface / screen design competencies with world standards, interactive and applied methods
  • During the training, sample applications are able to obtain the latest User Interface / Screen Design techniques and practical knowledge and skills for methodologies in international standards.
  • Participants apply the knowledge gained during their training in their companies:
    • Preventing application problems caused by wrong and incomplete user interface / screen designs
    • They will make a significant contribution to users working with high performance and motivation over usability, functionality and visual world-class user interfaces / displays.

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