Contents of Education

  • The exponential effect of digitalization in our lives
  • Global digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation Areas (Customer, Competitiveness, Data, Innovation, Value)
  • Digital Culture
  • Digital Technologies
  • Digital Capabilities
  • Digital Leadership, Digital Coaching
  • The birth of FinTech
  • FinTech Ecosystem and players
  • Change in the world of finance
  • Coming from the Top of the Destructive Business Models
  • Technological developments in Turkish banking
  • FinTech initiatives for payment systems
  • Technology in payment systems
  • Payment systems and players in the world
  • Digital Payments / Trends / Analysis
  • Mobile payments: Global Perspective
  • Mobile financial services - business models
  • The future of mobile payments
  • Blockchain | crypto money
  • FinTech SWOT analysis
  • Critical case studies (case studies)
  • Development models for FinTech Ecosystems

Education Who Should Attend

2 day training / seminar specially designed for Bank General Manager staff.



Those who want to know about the evolution of Digital Transformation and Financial Technologies.

If you want to get detail info, send email to [email protected].


Yukarı Çık