Contents of Education

Advanced DevOps concepts and terminology, real-life situations, examples and interactive group discussions, and extensive application in each module, you will have an understanding of DevOps.

  • Why DevOps;
  • Brief History,
  • DevOps` Seven Secrets
  • Microserver Architecture
  • Move quickly with agile methods; MVP and Scrum
  • Test Automation - CD / CI Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration
  • Container Technology
  • Cloud
  • Product management and management of microcontrollers
  • Enterprise restructuring needs

Education Who Should Attend

  • Software development Specialists,
  • Software Testing Specialists,
  • Change and Configuration Management Specialists,
  • Individuals working in IT operations or IT service management,
  • Individuals affected by DevOps and continuous improvement:
  • DevOps engineers,
  • Product owners,
  • Integration experts,
  • Operations managers,
  • Event and change managers
  • System administrators,
  • Network administrators, business managers,
  • Automation architects,
  • Business architects,


  • "Compliance Needy" of institutions, both business and IT perspectives,
  • DevOps Values and Policies,
  • How DevOps relates to frameworks such as Agile, Lean and IT Service Management,
  • The basic characteristics of the DevOps culture,
  • DevOps roles, including the interests of the teams and their organizational structure,
  • Basic DevOps applications,
  • General DevOps automation applications and tool categories,

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