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Agile Approach, instead of making a long-term plan, agile response to change, team discipline and concentration is the main goal of product development approach. By simple methods, however, it is essential to follow and implement strict discipline and practices and work towards goals. The product development life cycle is based on the principle of continuous repetition in short periods. The teams, which can manage themselves for their needs and solutions, come together with different backgrounds and backgrounds, focus on short-term, measurable and tangible goals, step by step, and focus on agile production. The plans are constantly reviewed and adapted to the changing needs, thus ensuring that the changes are handled in a timely manner and that the need is met but fully met. Team communication is kept at the highest level and it is ensured that they are continuously focused on the common target.

Training, Agile & Scrum Framework, how it works, examples of how it is used in our country and in the country, and practical workshops, teaches you to stay away from erroneous applications and methods. The aim of the course is to teach the participants who want to have an experience in approaches and to get an international certificate in this field. It aims to organize resources, focus on tight deadlines, to manage the requirements with iterative and increasing, to ensure the highest level of team efficiency and efficiency.

Function360 is accredited by the International Scrum Institute. After the completion of the training, participants who have participated in the online certification exam are requested to have Scrum Master Accredited Certification (SMAC) / Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification (SPOAC). (The exam language is English)

Education Who Should Attend

Although SCRUM is more popular in the IT world, it is increasingly used in the development of any product or work. There are many different areas such as sales activities, customer relations, steps of developing a product, a short-term project. Therefore, the target audience; business unit managers and employees, IT managers and employees, entrepreneurs who want to add agile approaches to their companies, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Developer members, product development experts, such as a wide range.




  • Develop agile approach practices,
  • Learn the requirements of experimental approach and gains in practice,
  • Learn the techniques of collecting and prioritizing requests from Business Units,
  • Learn to focus on value-based priorities,
  • Learn the framework of changes and dealing with complex problems,
  • Will be able to make their own decisions as a team, develop their skills by working together,
  • They will learn to make high quality continuous delivery.
  • How to make a commitment for contract-based projects,
  • To produce solutions by Agile Business Analysis,
  • Learn more about Agile Test Techniques and tools
  • Learn the rules of product development with agile approaches,


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