Contents of Education

"Training duration is 2 days."  
Microsoft Project, Project Manager in planning how quickly existing resources, to control reliably and offers the possibility to be able to easily analyze. Project management, time, cost and performance targets to reach their resources in the most efficient manner Planning, Execution and consists of processes, including the activities to control. Time and resources are limited. Time, resource and cost planning of the trio, is used in the implementation and monitoring of the works as the biggest help of MS Project Project Manager.

Basic concepts

  • Data entry and tracking methods
  • Image - Table - Filter
  • Calendar of identification
  • Project Customize options

Project start and WBS

  • Entering into MS Project Activity
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) WBS creation and analysis


  • Connectivity options
  • What is the lead time and Laguna, and how to use
  • The formation of Addiction

Time and cost estimation

  • Forecasting
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Forecasting the advantages and disadvantages
  • Assigning tasks and estimate of resources

Project Analysis

  • General period, examination of the cost and effort data
  • Activities based on time, cost and effort inspection
  • Source-based time, cost and effort inspection

Critical Path (CPM) and PERT

  • Identification of Critical Path and its importance
  • Critical Path examined in the sample project
  • Total slack and free slack
  • Effort and cost by Critical Path
  • PERT and statistical approaches


  • The source effort - Cost views
  • Overtime assignments to the sources, changing the hours of the working day and leveling
  • Shortening the duration of the project - the extension methods

Project Control

  • Baselining (justification)
  • Project Realization of data entry
  • The difference between planned and actual analysis
  • Standard report formats
  • Create reports as needed

Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

  • Earned value analysis What is it?
  • Project Performance

Advanced Level

  • Entering the periodic event
  • Image - Tables - Create a filter
  • Changing the menubar, form creation, data monitoring Gantt Chart
  • Alternative projects comparison in terms of cost and time

Education Who Should Attend

  • Business Unit employees and managers,
  • IT professionals and managers,
  • team leaders,
  • team members,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Test Analysts,
  • Test Professionals,
  • Project manager candidates,
  • the project members,
  • anyone who wants employees to use MS Project in the project.


Microsoft Project is a project management software program designed to assist managers so they can achieve a successful outcome and the benefits of Project software grow with each new edition. Microsoft Project training will help you stay abreast of the latest changes, whether it be for personal use, or to train your employees for an upgrade in your organization. Microsoft Project training can help project managers assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage a budget and analyze workloads.
With Microsoft Project, managers are easily able to analyze resources, check budgets, evaluate timelines, measure progress, and anticipate resource needs. In addition to assisting project managers, Microsoft Project also enables team members to manage tasks, collaborate, submit time sheets, and flag issues and risks. Moreover, it helps executives to define business drivers, measure strategic impact of competing ideas, make funding decisions, and view project and resources status.

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