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"Training duration is 2 days."

Technological advances are developing at a very fast.  

While the business environment is constantly shaped by globalization and increasing competition, businesses face new opportunities and challenges. Innovation (product and process innovation) and information technology are key tools to achieve competitive advantage by making a meaningful difference in market conditions.

Technological advances not only make our life easier, but also disrupt the economic order; changing the way people do business, changing human relationships, changing their forms of relationship and worldview.

How do we construct transformation processes that extend to the digitization of the countries in the digital age that the individual now stands for?

How are changes in the way products and services are transformed into digital products, the impact of new customer demands and the digital transformation of finance, competitive ecosystem and regulation in the financial world?

The Fintech Ecosystem (or revolution) is rapidly transforming the financial sector.

Along with the use of digital technologies, the need for market re-regulation is pushing a revolution. They can identify changes that affect the financial sector, understand the complexity of the payment infrastructure, define how payment instruments operate, understand new types of money, and identify how regulatory agencies are preventing or encouraging innovation. 

- Blockchain, Bitcoin

- Cloud Technology

- Cyber Security

- Regulations 

- Investments  

  • Overview Introduction and Concepts
  • Project Management and Program Executive's Importance
  • Transformation Management and Organization
    • Governance
    • Program Management Office
    • That the Company Organizational Structure
    • Big Picture  
  • Transformation Management Approach
    • Transformation Life Cycle
    • Transformation Management Areas
  • Transformation Management Key Factors
  • Digital Conversion Why do you need
  • Digital Conversion Building Blocks and Competencies
  • Use of Digital Technology
  • Studies Workshop
  • Digital Conversion Challenges
  • Digital Conversion How Can Be Successful
  • Evaluation of Digital Maturity

Education Who Should Attend

  • CIO, CTO, CDO,
  • Business Unit Employees and Business Managers,
  • Project, Program and Protfolio Managers,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Since they should be able to speak the same language and understand each other with the same concepts, employees from all levels and from any business community can participate in the training.


  • Digital and conversion concepts that bring together components which cause these components to a successful digital transformation and knows how it should be managed.
  • Know the building blocks of the digital transformation and challenges.
  • Understand the importance for the Transformtion of project management and program management.
  • Understand the impact of the management structure and organization Transformation.
  • Understand the importance for the successful transformation of the transformation management approach.
  • Transformation of structures and contributes to the creation of the big picture.
  • More comfortable knowing communicates with the conversion methodology can contribute to learning unfamiliar methodology.
  • Defines digital conversion projects, plans, makes the addiction and risk management.

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