Traditional Management and Process Management

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Traditional Management and Process Management

2 concepts of traditional /professional management approach are division of labour and hierarchy.

This approach shapes organizations vertically or horizontally. 

It is tried to be designed in terms of expertise or levels. Yet work is consecutive activities that are formed to meet requirements. Therefore it has to move naturally in the requirements section

In traditional management division of labour (expertise) and hierarchy (level) are creating obstacles in this natural flow. To free this from obstacles Management with Processes is an approach. 

Process Management is managing the processes. Process Management can be applied to both traditional and new management approach. 

Management with Processes is a managerial understanding. Management with processes means managing with focusing to processes. To apply this approach a structural transformation compatible with new management principles is needed. This transformation means going through process management and obtaining an effective process management. 

Transition from Traditional Management to Management with Processes aims to provide a structure to organizations where they can overcome change.

It is possible to compare Traditional Management and Management with Process with real time example. Think about a person about to leave home. What would that person do, he/she will look at the weather from window or door. To sea the weather. Why? Because he/she aims to go to the place undisturbed. If it is raining the person will take an umbrella. It it is not, the person will not carry unnecessary weight. It it is could the person will wear thicker cloths. On the contrary if it is hot the person will wear thin clothes. Depending on the weather the person will wear either boots or normal shoes. Namely the person is taking precautions to overcome the change and develop himself/herself accordingly. 

In Traditional Management as we have said earlier work is designed for expertise or levels and employees are prisoned in business units. In this boxes the person does his/her job without looking to up, bottom, right or left and most importantly without knowing the aim exactly. Yet this can be compared to the person who is walking out the door without looking at the weather. The person can go out with t-shirt and short in rainy or snowy weather. In this case this person will be unhappy and maybe cannot reach the destination or be late. 

At this stage this question should be asked. 

What are the reasons of the person leaving home has come face to face with these situations? Is there a structure preventing him/her from looking outside? 

People are the most valuable elements of organizations. They can constantly develop and be developed. Nothing other than human can develop other than humans If you want to place dealing with change and development as a culture, you should create a structure where people will come out of their boxes and move towards an aim. 

We need to organize our tools and organizations for this understanding. 

Process Management is a technique allowing us to overcome and develop.





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