Importance of Impact Analysis in Business Analysis

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In today's world competition is a stress factor forcing the organizations to go under constant change in their execution and products. In addition to keeping up with this changing world, leading in the competition forces the organizations to walk on a path which is highly uncertain, tiring, costly and full of risks. Approach to dealing with the changes in an organization show the methodological and systematic working environment of that organizations. Now every new product and service in organization in IT sector has a meaning of changing in data structure and application softwares or building a new structure.

In every situation the organization

1. Organization is expecting that developed product or service will do the designed functions without any flaws.
2. It is expected that developed product or services will realize the desired benefits of the organization in time.
3. It is expected that developed products or services will not negatively effect the current and operational products and services.
4. It is expected to keep development process as low as possible  to maximize cost benefits.

Although thee expectations are in this way we always hear complaints about skills of products, quality, performance, project that are not completed on time, increase in costs and deployment. 

Because the pressure of time causes to compromise from expectations and increasing competition stress causes weaknesses in the development process control.

The nature of competition is chaotic. Since the nature can not be eliminated, understanding the effects of competition on organizational mechanisms and trying to be compatible with these effect and answering the demand s are mandatory.

To do this

  • Change process should be controlled and managed
  • Constantly feeding spontaneous information improvement processes
  • Managing scope
  • Flawless execution of daily operations and new setup processes are mandatory.

There is a need for "Impact Analysis" mechanism to understand what should be done and the effect of these things on the organization and operation as well as understanding the risks. And of course as in every analysis mechanism, this mechanism can only work with experienced Business Analysts and information sources that are open for use by these people.

Impact Analysis is not an easy activity as written in organization which are operating big and complex processes. No matter the experience, the comfort and thrust limit that is provided by work, personal abilities can be overcome easily. On the other hand it is always risky for the organization to rely on the knowledge of certain people in valuable jobs. On the other a must be property of Impact Analysis is the need for other organizational  managerial discipline support.

If we want to list them;

  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Version Management
  • Service Management
  • Data Architecture Management
  • Process Management

These disciplines are information infrastructure of resources and supporting processes. In addition Impact Analysis studies also creates additional information resource and these information is always needed in the following studies. Information created in Impact Analysis process have the strategic value in both project processes and operational life.





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