What is CCR Program?

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If you have a certificate within the PMI certification programs, then you are now a member of the PMI CCR - Continuing Certification Requirements Certificate of Continuing Certification Program ... "What is the CCR program? What are the details? "If you ask, there is a benefit in browsing for the rest of the article ...

Sir ... The CCR is a program based on the philosophy of continuous development to sustain the validity of your certificate from PMI. Within this program, certificate holders respond to the project management dynamics that are shaped by the ever changing / developing expectations and needs of the industry, and with the ongoing development of activities under the main titles of "Education" - Education and / or "Giving Back To Profession".

Now details:

Within the CCR program, the development periods for all certifications consist of three-year periods called the "certificate life cycle". In this sense, every three years, the certificate holder must acquire a certain amount of Professional Development Unit (PDU), with varying amounts of certificate specificity. One hour of activity = equal to one PDU. This amount is set at 60 PDU for the PMP certificate which will be an example after this article.

What activities are giving us PDUs?

In order to win PDUs, we need to realize our activities under two titles, Education - Education and / or "Giving Back To Profession" - We must emphasize specifically at this point and / or context ... :

  • A minimum of 35 PDUs of 60 PDUs under the training title
  • 60 PDUs under maximum 25 PDU presentation title

It is possible to win the activities. PMI Talent Triangle - Talent triangle is coming into play ... How does it work? Details continue ...

PMI Talent Triangle - Talent triangle shapes the title of training.

If we remember quickly, there were three basic competencies that constituted the Talent Triangle.

  • Technical Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Strategic and Business Management (Strategy and Business Management)

These 3 core competencies also constitute the sub-headings of the main heading of Education and require a minimum of 8 hours = 8 PDU activities for each during the certification life cycle. To complete a minimum of 35 PDUs, you can earn the remaining 11 PDUs with the activities you want in the subheading you want. One important thing to mention before moving on to the other main title is that you can win 60 PDUs under the main heading "Education". So, according to your ability to determine the lack of a minimum of 35 PDUs which are compulsory, You can complete this process by taking extra training to develop.

Now ... Come on in the other main title ... "Giving Back To Profession" - What activities can we do under the main title of Recovering the Occupation? And what are our constraints?

PMI is not affected by the Talent Triangle, but hosts 3 subheadings in this main topic:

  • Volunteering:

Voluntary project management skills and experiences that are based on sharing in a non-commercial organization (such as Civil Society Organizations, Foundations, etc.).

  • Creating Knowledge:

To transfer your knowledge, skills and experiences to the individuals or institutions through the activities such as training, writing articles, writing books, creating webinar or podcast contents and providing project management know-how within the scope of project management certification that you are a specialist.

  • Working As A Professional:

Being managing projects as project manager

In other words, it is possible to win a maximum of 25 PDUs in total under this heading ... In the subheadings, the only one in the last term ... Actually the project management activity result is maximum 8 PDUs, the remaining 17 PDUs Shape.

As a last word, training is a must ...

PMI Talent Triangle - Capability Renewed with the concept of Triangle, the CCR program increases the emphasis on training heading, especially through the new PDU acquisition constraints created ... It aims to guarantee continuous improvement with education principle as it is in every field of our lives.





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