PMI Talent Triangle

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In my current article I would like to talk about PMI Talent Triangle.

As of early December 2015, a new concept has emerged in the name of the PMI talent triangle that directly impacts the PDU gains of those involved in the PMI CCR (Continuing Certification Requirements) program.

As you know, the PMI CCR is a structure established for the continuation of the certifications received within the PMI certification programs. Within this structure, within the period of 3 year period which is defined as certificate life cycle, it is necessary to acquire a certain amount of PDU (Professional Development Unit) for continuing the validity of the certificate. For example, this amount for a PMP certificate needs to be increased to 60 PDUs or 30 PDUs for a PMI-ACP certificate for agile methods that are growing in popularity.

Everything is good here ... Peki PMI Talent Triangle - What is the concept of Talent Triangle? And what is the relation to CCR afterwards?

Let's put it this way:

PMI Talent Triangle - Talent Triangle is a concept that the project manager must possess in order to realize more effective and efficient project management according to the sectoral needs in today's competitive conditions. These competencies are:

  • Technical Project Management
  • Leadership
  • It is defined as Strategic and Business Management.

Let's take a brief look at the opening of each competency:

  • Technical Project Management:

The ability of the project management to make the methodology used by applying the correct project management techniques in line with the requirements, the mastery of the information fields and processes.

  • Leadership:

"Communication skills" called "soft skills" in which the project manager has the merits of being trusted, mentoring and coaching, solving problems and conflicts from a diplomatic point of view, forming and developing a team spirit.

  • Strategic and Business Management:

Ability of the organization working in project management to respond to stakeholder and organizational expectations in line with industrial requirements with business intelligence in accordance with strategic and business management requirements.

Yes, this is a summary of competencies. So let's see what PMI is aiming for with this new concept and how it relates to the CCR ... With this concept PMI has red lines with the expressions of the last days that the Project Manager must be in many competencies! And by emphasizing them, he wants to constantly develop himself in this direction ...

Continuous Improvement and CCR at Work .... We carry out the activities under two main headings: "Education" - Training and / or "Giving Back To Profession" - Recruiting to the Parents under the Certificate Retention Program. PMI Talent Triangle - Ability In line with the concept of "Triage", activities under the title of "Education" - Education must be done at certain rates within the framework of these three competencies. As you know, there was no such restriction before.

The details of the CCR program and PDU acquisition will be addressed in the next article.





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