In today's competitive environment, businesses need to produce a quality product at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. Institutions reach strategic business goals using Project Management methodology.

How does Function Consulting make a difference?
The most common discipline accepted in the world in Project Management is the PMI® methodology. It is not possible to apply the PMI-Project Management methodology or any other project management framework exactly the same within an organization. The project management processes are defined by evaluating the sector, corporate culture, ways of doing business and institutional strategies, existing resources and many other factors. Function360 makes a difference by giving consultancy services in the field of Project Management with its experienced specialist team.

  • Make Project Check (Health-Check)
  • Setting the Institutional Maturity Level (P-MM)
  • To select the Project Portfolio Management System (PPM)
  • Make Project Management Office Setup (PMO)
  • The Project Manager ensures to find team members according to the required expertise. Outsourcing service.
  • Provide Project Contracting Services
    • Project management
    • Management of software and system development projects
    • Outsourcing project, supply team members with PMP certifica
    • Provide support for projects that do not meet the expectations of the institution, undertake the project
      • Ensuring that they reach their targets within the scope of consultancy
      • What We Learned From the Project, Where We Mistaken, Workshop Work

What are the benefits we provide to your institution as a Function Consultancy?

  • Provides effective resource utilization and efficiency, reduces costs; Contributing to the development of staff and project management processes
  • Project selection defines Project Difficulty criteria and provides project distribution among project employees at equal load,
  • Helps you specify rules for project portfolio management and selection of automation tools
  • Master planning, User committee, etc.- Help you to create your Project Governance processes,
  • Impact analysis allows you to conduct change management, proactive behavior without encountering surprises.
  • Accelerate your transformation to the Learning Organization by providing you with integrated performance assessment,
  • Provides sustainable success catch on your projects.

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