Nowadays, financial goals, technological developments, increasing competition, operational efficiency, strengthening reputation and expectations and needs of employees, customers and business partners are necessitating continuous transformation. For this reason, it has become compulsory for all businesses to be able to sustain transformation and to survive transformation.

  • Business Transformation, when you need to change the way you do business by creating the right corporate strategy and vision, bringing change in process, product, distribution channel, organization according to the situation,
  • Digital Transformation Whenever you need to change the way you do business by building your digital strategy so that you can realize your digital vision,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions When you need to transform, integrate in mergers and acquisitions,
  • Transformation of Information Technologies When you want to change the IT infrastructures and applications that can carry you to the future,
  • Rapid Transformation is very important when you need your organization to work in a cultural way, and to receive professional transformation management support so that you can get the most out of your efforts and investments.

Do not you want to work with the leadership experience in successful transformations in the management of the companies?
In the case of any kind of transformation need, we apply the transformation management approach steps together, optimizing them according to your expectations, needs and constraints - for you and for yourself.

Transformation management methodology

  • Condition and context analysis
  • Evaluation of vision, strategy and business plan
  • Clarification of the target business model
  • Preparation of a refined operational / digital / agile vision proposal
  • Feasibility (business case) study
  • Evaluation of the transformation shaping phase
  • Establishment of governance structure and transformation program structure
  • Determination of rapid gains
  • Change portfolio analysis
  • Establishment of the Program Management Office and making it operational for transformation
  • Communication planning and management
  • Preparation of subprogram files and designation of projects
  • Identification and planning of training and consultancy needs
  • Preparation of the top level plan
  • Mobilization workshop
  • Addiction management workshop
  • Risk management workshop
  • Definition and communication of refined operational / digital / agile vision
  • Iterative development and application of transformation if necessary
  • Clarification and approval of the scope
  • Routing, cost-benefit management and counterpart management
  • Monitoring the progression in transformation
  • Regular meetings and reporting
  • Management of the risks, dependencies, changes
  • Inter-stage checkpoint evaluations
  • Transfer of the transformation and make the closing evaluation

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