Business Analysis is the discipline in determining business requirements, Solving business problems, opportunities and problems.

It consists of Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Management and Planning, Determining Requirements, Requirements Analysis and Documentation, Solution Evaluation and Validation.

Our Business Analysis Consultants are competent and experienced in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business in this area, developing plans for success and implementing change.

Business Analysis of Your Business Evaluation of Maturity Level (Current Situation Analysis)

Our consultants work with your employees to document how you do your day-to-day work, providing an independent, external perspective on improvements.

Anything that prevents your business from working daily may be considered a problem. You can see these points as superficial troubles within yourself. But even the smallest visible problems can damage your productivity over time and ultimately affect you. Our consultants will review your company's end-to-end approach and discuss with your key stakeholders to learn about the challenges you face and what you may encounter in the future.

Planning and Management of Requirements

By identifying the root causes of adversities, we will develop sustainable solutions that will support your business and encourage future growth. If your data is not regularly monitored, if our quality cannot be checked, our consultants can eliminate these problems by exploring the correct data with an objective view of the issues that affect your business. We'll work with your stakeholders to analyze what's going wrong and what causes it, and we'll analyze data summaries, examine the processes behind it.

We'll make sure that your data is properly filtered for the level of interest, accuracy, and importance, and we'll determine a new data management strategy.

Our solutions may be something that requires changes to your current method of work. However, knowing that there is an opportunity behind each problem, we will work together to find and move yours by developing solutions based on our suggestions and information.

Analysis of Requirements (Where Would You Like To Be)

The daily work of your business should facilitate, improve and increase customer satisfaction. Data quality is very important for your sustainable success in the business world. When you want to reinvent or revitalize your business, it is extremely important that you review your current business processes; Therefore, you can clearly see where your business is now (as it is) and where you want to go (as it should be). Our consultants will review your current processes, work with you to understand the technology you are currently using, the relevant teams, how your business is configured and how it works.

Strategic Business Analysis (Preparation of Roadmap to be Followed)

Provides a basis for documenting your current business situation, making new improvements, or making improvements to business processes. We are now able to start working in more detail to determine your core business objectives and expectations and the scope of your needs. At the same time, with the support of your key stakeholders, we will ensure that your goals are realistic and viable, fully targeted and clearly communicated.

The Strategic Business Analysis allows you to develop a clear and feasible plan to close the gaps while moving from your existing business model to your target business model.

Communication and Solution Approach (Implementing Approved Solutions)

To create a business vision, set requirements, communicate them to your business, and turn it into something that the development team can work for, our consultants will coach your employees on new processes and other changes, ensuring that your company assets are implemented in the most accurate way possible.

To sum up, we carry out these steps within the scope of Business Analysis Consultancy

  • We make an assessment of the current situation with IT,
  • By organizing Focus Group Meetings with Business Units and IT, we reveal the Requirements,
  • By doing Needs Analysis, we determine where you want to be,
  • We provide Basic / Advanced Level IIBA Job Analysis trainings,
  • By making a Strategic Analysis, we set the Roadmap,
  • We implement the solution after receiving the approval,
  • We talk about how the business units and the new structure will be handled and what will change,
  • We are implementing IT and Business Alignment.


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