What brings PMBOK 6 Guide?

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What is the PMBOK 6 Guide I wrote in the previous BLOG article? I wanted to share with you the latest developments in this article, which is the continuation of the article.

The draft (BETA) version review submitted to the draft public opinion commenced at the beginning of 2017 and the final version will be published at the end of 2017 at the beginning of -2018 and the new version of the PMBOK Guide will be released on the market.

It is a good idea to take a look at the changes that the new PMBOK version will bring.

Agile and Iterative Applications

Unlike previous versions, iterative applications, including agile approaches, will be an important part of this release. The decision of the Agile Approach to be in the PMBOK Guide was made in line with the demands of PMI stakeholders.

This content will include the following:

Each Knowledge Zone section will also contain frequently used practices in an adaptable environment. (Section 4-13). Agile Approach and other repetitive applications will take place in the form of the Project Management Standard.

PMI Talent Triangle ™

The new PMI Triangle ™ will have more impact on the PMBOK Guide version.

The PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition, PMI Talent Triangle ™ is a new chapter on project manager role and project managers will come up with a more competitive and relevant technical project management, leadership and strategic and company management approach.

Key concepts

Most of the key concepts discussed in the first three chapters of the PMBOK® Guide will be considered in abbreviated form in Part I of the Standard.

Standard's II. The chapter will describe the project management processes, which are organized by the Process Group, together with key benefits, inputs and outputs.

Processes; Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

While Process Groups remain the same in the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition, there will be new names for the two Knowledge Areas,

Project Time Management will be differentiated as Project Calendar Management instead of Project Planning, and will be compatible with the Schedule Implementation Standard in the PMBOK 5 Guide.

Project Human Resource Management will now be Project Resource Management. In this Knowledge Space process, both team resources and physical resources will be included.

There are three new processes in the Sixth Edition:

  • As part of the Project Management and Execution Process Group and Project Integration Management knowledge area,
  • Application of Risk Responses will change as part of the Implementation Process Group and Project Risk Management knowledge area,
  • The Monitoring and Controlling Process Group and Project Resource Management will change as part of the information area.
  • The Activity Resource Estimation process will be associated with Project Resource Management processes instead of within the Project Time Management information space.

The total number of transactions seems to be 50!
In addition, the names of some processes will change. For example, several operations were shifted to the Control function Monitoring function to make the Project Management Control more compatible with the practices that would facilitate the Administration.

PMBOK 5th Edition PMBOK 6th Edition
Perform Quality Assurance Manage Quality
Plan Human Resource Management Plan Resource Management

Control Communications Monitor Communications

Control Risks Monitor Risks

Plan Stakeholders Management Plan Stakeholders Engagement

The function of the Purchase Period will be dealt with during the Control Purchasing and Project Closure phase. Based on experience and research showing that several project managers officially have the power to close a contract, Project managers will be obliged to determine that the job has been completed, that the records have been archived and that responsibilities have been appropriately transferred.
Project Management Plan Components and Project Documents
The following changes will be made in the project management plan components and project documents,
The components of the project management plan that have entered a process or updated as output for a period of time according to the old guide will not be listed separately as inputs or outputs. The new guideline will be an output of project management plan entries and project management plan updates.





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