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1-Why Business Analysis Training? What do you earn with Job Analysis Training?

In today's business world, business analytics profession is increasingly important. A well-trained and highly experienced business analyst can take part in the identification and improvement of both the projects as well as the institutional processes, and they emerge as a gained value for the institutions they work with. In this context, business analysts who want to improve themselves and enhance their experience will learn the IIBA Job Analysis methodology including the best business analysis practices, techniques and methodologies accepted in the international arena with defined trainings within Function 360, and will increase their experience thanks to competent and experienced trainers.

In addition, the trainings they receive will also provide the professional development training required for IIBA certifications. Thus they will be able to obtain international certifications that are necessary for their career development.

What are the 2-IIBA Certification Requirements?

Since October 2016 IIBA has moved to a new certification system. This new structure is as follows:

Level 1: Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA): This certificate is designed for those who are new to the Job Analysis business and want to demonstrate that they have knowledge of job analysis at the basic level. Target volume:

Students in the Business Analysis academic programs,
New graduates,
Those who want to make a new transition to Job Analysis in their career and
They are not business analysts but unit managers who should direct them.
The requirements for having this certificate are:

No job analysis experience required
21 hours of professional development training in the last 4 years
ECBA ™ Code of Conduct. Signing
Level 2: CCBA (Certification of Capability in Business Analysis): This certification structure, which was defined in 2011 for those who have a certain working experience in business analysis, continues in the new system. Those with this certificate will continue to certify this level within the new system. Requirements for having this certificate:

3.750 hours of work experience in the last 7 years
This experience is a minimum of 900 hours of work experience in each of the 6 areas of information defined in CAPTCHA Version 3
Each of the 4 fields of 6 fields defined in the BABOK Version 3 must have a minimum of 500 hours of work experience.
He must have received at least 21 hours of professional development training in the last 4 years.
2 reference letters (from Career Manager, client or CBAP certified persons)
CCBA® Code of Conduct signing
Level 3: Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP): A certification that has been defined since 2006 for professional business analysts. The new certification system is located in the third level. Those with the current CBAP certificate will continue their Level 3 level Business Analysis journey. Requirements for having this certificate:

7,500 hours of work experience in the last 10 years
This experience should be a minimum of 900 hours of work experience in each of the 4 areas of 6 information domains defined in the BABOK Version 3.
He must have received at least 35 hours of professional development training in the last 4 years.
2 reference letters (from Career Manager, client or CBAP certified persons)
CBAP® Code of Conduct signing
Level 4: Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader (CBATL): This certificate is designed for those who have been in business analysis for 10 years or more and can be defined as Leader of Thought in the field of study. The working hours experience is set at 15,000 hours for this certificate. These certificate holders are expected to work as job analysis professionals to increase and share the practice of this field, to create and contribute to this wide community. Detailed studies on these level certificate requirements and duties that demonstrate advanced level of expertise in business analysis are ongoing.

3- How do we declare the necessary hours of experience?

Examination applications are made to IIBA through its own site. When the application is made, desired job analysis and experience information is entered in detail. Only one of the simultaneous tasks is taken into the hour account. The work to be done is indicated by selecting from the task lists that IIBA has created. This list includes not only job analysis tasks, but all project management tasks. If these tasks are selected, they do not participate in the time account.

After the application PMI can be deducted as PMP exam. In this case, declared works are requested from the working institutions to send them by mail, taking wet signed documents about the work done.

4- Buyer How long after the training can I enter the test?

As stated in the certificate conditions, the test must be entered within 4 years.

5- Should these trainings be taken only from Endorsed Education Provider?

There is absolutely no such requirement in certificate conditions. These trainings can be taken from any institution that complies with IIBA curriculum. If this curriculum in universities is appropriate and it can be proved, then even those lessons are sufficient for the prerequisite.

6- How do you renew your certificates?

A structure similar to PMP certification is defined by IIBA. Certified business analysts need to collect 60 CDUs every 3 years.

7. What activities are available for CDU?

Participation in IIBA's chapter events
Participation in courses, seminars, conferences, etc. (It can be either Listener or Speaker)
Publishing articles
Publishing or contributing books
Providing training, preparing training content

8- Why should I take this training from Function360?

The function 360 will help you in capturing your goals with trainers with experienced CBAP certification in different areas such as finance, defense, automation, IT, R & D, and BABOK Version 3. Your trainings are reinforced with practical knowledge and applications for the sector you are in. In the trainings, the questions for the examination are solved in a negotiated manner and prepared for the test. We are careful to be with you all the time so that you will always be there to help you as always from the time of your application.





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