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I will try to explain to you in this writing the simplest form of Agile, which is one of the methods we have heard and wondered lately.
As we all know, digitization is no longer irresistible and inevitable in every sector. It is now a necessity for these companies and organizations to gain the ability to respond quickly.
Agile is a form of project management. It focuses on producing valuable output as soon as possible. The most common uses of Agile software development projects.
Agile Methods are no longer a choice but a necessity to achieve the goals of the companies.
The agile word means agile as meaning. The main thing that is targeted with agile is to accelerate using processes effectively and document them when necessary.

Why Agile Revealed
According to the Gartner Institute IT sector research, 74% of IT projects have exceeded cost / time targets, which are unsuccessful. 51% of IT projects exceed the budget by 200% and meet 75% of the targeted properties. Again, according to a study by the Gartner Group (Technowledge SM 99 Presentation), 70% of IT projects are not delivering the expected benefits.

Source: The CHAOS Manifesto, The Standish Group 2012

In the above Chaos Report 2012, there is a comparison of achievement between agile and scrum methods which were started to develop in 90's by traditional (waterfall, predictive) methods. The success rate in software projects progressing with agile methods is 42%, which is 14% in traditional methods (waterfall).

Agile Project Management is what we need to know when it is called;

  • Be open to change
  • High level of team communication
  • Fast and continuous product delivery
  • Test-focused understanding
  • Simple realistic planning

Advantages of Agile Methods

  • Creates team spirit
  • Provides sustainable quality due to the combination of planning and execution
  • Iterative plans instead of detailed plans and processes
  • Flexibility for changing requirements
  • Active feedback when creating the product
  • Quick solving of communication problems through team work
  • Use of the problem arising during the project as a step in the next stage
  • Quick response
  • Brand awareness, profitability, saving
  • Constantly growing fast and dynamic structure
  • Rate of change
  • Competition power
  • Possibility of putting things before the rucksacks
  • Innovation and adaptation
  • Create self-managing teams
  • Employees who own the business
  • Productivity and Y generations adapt faster
  • Opportunities such as turn-over

Disadvantages of Agile Methods

  • Implementing in an institutional structure is a serious problem.
  • The result print on the team as the targets are short duration
  • Costs can not be predicted in advance because product requirements are constantly changing
  • Increased working time due to short-term feedback
  • Continuous feedback on the product of the customer
  • Change of customer requests and requests
  • The documentation part may be redundant.

As Darwin put it, "It survives, not the strongest but the best possible ..."





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