What is Agile Coaching?

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Agile, one of the new roles that emerged with the understanding of Software Development is Agile Coaching. Agile Teams can implement Agile approaches without the need of Agile Coach, but these teams can not reach the high performance expected from them, they can not show Agility.

What is the role of the Agile Coach?

In today's world, coaching is given by an individual interview that helps the individual receiving the coaching service to see new perspectives and possibilities. The coach can then imagine the next stage in his personal and professional development and act accordingly.

Just as they are in Professional / Life Coaching, Agile Coaches are able to see new perspectives and possibilities while at the same time directing their team members to Agility by sharing their Agile experiences and views. Agile Coaching and Counseling is used together in a way that will benefit your Agility in order to get more and better business results.

In agile world, concepts of coaching and counseling are gathered under Coaching. While agile context requires consulting, focusing on team performance requires Coaching.

Agile Coachs are those who have helped the team and its members adopt and develop Agile methods and practices. Coach assists teamwork and team members to rethink and change their way of development. Agile Coach provides information and experiences about Agile. It helps people to adopt Agile and to use it effectively. It is necessary to work with a coach to help the team members get into action as the approaches taught with agile trainings. Educational participants think that the Agile approach is good for them, but they may not be able to incorporate their new learning into their daily work.

Agile Coach is partly trainer, partly counseling. Even the best agile trainings given may not cover every detail or possibility that a team will encounter, and Agile Coach will continue to operate after the training is over. Agile Coach also helps teams to apply Agile Thinking to specific circles and the obstacles they face. Coach works as a consultant, helping the team adapt the methodology to their environment and challenge the team against existing obstacles.

If change is initiated within the enterprise, Agile Coach can act as an effective change agent. Both teams can encourage change and make it easier to achieve. Agile Coach, in addition to helping the team run the agile vision, the team also helps motivate that vision. Coach increases awareness within the enterprise by giving examples of how it works by explaining and explaining the stories of the Agile world.

What does Agile Coach do?

Agile Coaches facilitate the transition to approaches that enable businesses to use Agile in the most efficient way to reach their goals faster and better.

• To help achieve an amazing result that is important to Business and Team members,

• To help the team develop and work together more healthily, or to help it become fully functional when it is not healthy,

• To help each individual become a more successful Agilist and help him / her take the next step in the agile journey, contributing to the team and their own development.

Agile Coachs are experts in their work. They both aim to transfer knowledge and to entice team members to try new approaches and techniques.

For example, Agile Coach works with the team to implement test-driven development, support the developers in their refactoring efforts, and help improve the continuous integration system or other activities near the code.

As a specialist who aims to transfer his knowledge, Agile Coach focuses not on technology but on process, management and requirements. They work with project managers, administrative managers, business analysts, product managers, and others who are responsible for doing business. They are included in coaching meetings rather than working on code. They devote more time to focusing on change and facilitating development.

Coaching while working with managers is much more than just transferring information. They gain a lot about helping people to rethink their internal assumptions and mental models. Many executives may have experienced other development models, so they may perceive Agile Approaches as a threat to their careers.

Agile Coach works for everyone in the team, but mostly finds himself with managers and analysts. Agile Coach focuses on facilitating team and team members to solve their own problems. Provides direct advice.


During software development, hundreds of small decisions are taken every day.  These decisions are based on mental models of how people are performing their development. The role of coach is to help people learn lessons from many of these models and learn models based on Agile Values.

If you keep making small decisions on the basis of another model, there's no point in getting into agile fashion.

It is Coach's job to help take small decisions and to ensure the implementation of Agile Principles.



The Role of the Agile Coach, Allan Kelly, 2009





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