Ways To Earn PDU?

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For PMI certifications (except CAPM®) you must follow the Certification Requirements program and earn professional development units (PDUs). This will ensure that the certification qualifications are up to date.

Your PDU activities should be substantially compatible with the outline of exam content for the certificate. If you have a PMI certificate, you must collect 60 PDUs (Professional Development Unit) in 3 years.

A PDU is a measuring unit used to measure your professional development.

1 PDU = 1 hour for learning / activity. You can collect PDUs by participating in trainings.

Participating in educational activities is a traditional and effective way of learning.

Classroom, tutorial or online distance learning.

  • Education and activities offered by third party providers in Turkey and around the world.
  • Trainings organized by organizations such as PMI TR and IPYD (Istanbul Project Management Association)
  • On demand Learning  

Organization Meetings,

  • Local events related to the Project Management profession
  • Professional meetings with an educational component create opportunities for you to learn and network.
  • PMI and third parties maintain these activities locally throughout the year.  Your establishment can also do such professional activities.

Training sessions at PMI events, opening speeches In the PMI event calendar, you can keep up with events.

Online or Digital Media

Your personal speed, performed online or in digital media format, ensures proper learning. Technology, learning and training opportunities enable you to meet your needs. Educational webinars, videos, and digital content can be used online and on demand.

  • Project Management Web Sites
  • Optional on demand e-Learning   
  • PMI Registered Educational Providers (REPs)


Self-study activities related to your certificate Reading is a valuable component of learning and there are countless reading materials about the profession. You can read books, articles, articles or blogs to be informed and support your ongoing professional development.

  • Books purchased from www.pmi.org
  • Articles and blog articles written in Project Management 

Unofficially Learning

Sometimes learning comes through interaction with others. PDUs can be earned through structured professional discussions with others, such as when you attend a "lunch and lunch" session with your counseling or organization.

To give information

Share your knowledge and apply your skills to contribute to the profession and enhance the goals of the organizations you value

Working as a Practitioner

Your certification (s) allow you to practice your business, your knowledge and skills in a practical environment that you have made in a related field. The use of these competencies actively contributes to the maintenance and growth of the profession.

Creating Content

To create new sources of information for use by practitioners and the general public, By developing information resources, you can share your knowledge and opinion with others and contribute to ongoing learning.

  • There are ways to create new content, such as writing books, blogs, or articles, or preparing webinars or presentations.
  • You can develop content on a website,

You can write blog articles or articles for information,


Making presentations on occupational issues.  There are many situations where you can share information about your certification when making an official presentation to others. For example, in a PMI event, you can talk to a professional conference or talk internally within your institution.

Sharing information

Sharing your information to help others learn. By sharing your skills with others, you develop your profession and develop the practices needed for your certified role. Whether mentoring or teaching. Or, implementing your knowledge in an activity will benefit others from your experience and perspective.


The Project Management Institute and thousands of volunteers who support it in a wide range of roles have an active community. Volunteer to work on PMI committee or team. You can also voluntarily take your certificate-related services to other non-profit organizations. You can learn about volunteering at PMI You can check if there are new opportunities in the Volunteer Relationship Management System.






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