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Test software development is an activity that lasts a lifetime.

Let's imagine we are designing an automobile.

First we do some sketches on the paper then we would share it with our friends. Test begins here. 

People take a look at the sketches and state their ideas. You will feel like you should question what you have sketched. You may mess some details, and you will see them.

At the second stage the design is transfered to 2D and then to 3D environment. Models are prepared. When the models are prepared, you see the design from different angles. The quality of the job is being tested from various angles. Proportions, aesthetic, ergonomic and applicability of the model is investigated. Aerodynamic tests are tested in wind tunnels. Tests are continuing. At every stage there is testing.

In the next stage, parts are designed individually. Mould model for every piece is obtained. Then these are examined for compatibility and measured. That is also testing. Then moulds are prepared. Moulds are settled to pres for testing. They are send to foundry.

Productions begins.

For every part. Sub-pieces of every part is manufactured. Some of them are manufactured by partners. Our sub-industry should have been tested earlier. Past performance records are at present. The best are selected. Every part and sub-piece that are manufactured are tested. When you are doing this, the number of sun-controls will determine the outcome. With a much more affordable price. This is natural.

Sub-pieces form parts. Parts consist of sub-pieces are also tested. Tested parts are assembled. Accordingly main components of  a car such as chassis, motor, electrical unit, fuel units, hood, laying, movement units are being shaped. All of the parts are tested with sensitive measurements conducted by experts. Motor is taken from the production line and send to test room. It is measured. . The values are controlled. Efficiency is controlled. Excessive load case is evaluated. Durability is tested. Norms, design and competence is tested.

Automobile moves in the production line. It is painted. Tested. Quality controls are made. If it is not appropriate, it is send back. Necessary adjustments are made and controlled again.
Manufacture is done, last pieces are integrated and the automobile is taken into test room. Controls are made here. After the automobile goes to road. Expert drivers test the break, bend, departure and stopping of the car. If the automobile will go to a field, it is also tested. Real life situations are tried to be simulated. If this vehicle is a prototype, the test could last for years. Additionally necessary test and measurements are made by official authorities to test if the vehicle is appropriate for road.

Every stage is recorded. If necessary the records are controlled. The number of the re-checks are determined. Quality of the manufacture and error rates are observed at this stage. In short, every part is tested. Testing is not the processes that is made after everything is fin,shed. Every stage, level, part, sub-piece are tested by different people and point of views. The test made in the last stage is not an actual test. It may be the document of

This example for the automobile sector applies for software sector. 





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