Potential in Us

05 Haziran 2016 4918 0 BUSINESS ANALYSIS Hakan Aksungar

I always think as a believer of potential that everything is brought to life and gain meaning with people.

Bernard Shaw divided people into 3 categories;

  • People who do something
  • People who watch something getting done,
  • People who are surprised by what happened.

In this world there are people who are unaware of everything. I do not agree with this opinion and also do not enjoy to categorize people with prejudice.We always defines ourselves in the first category. Because we try to accomplish something , to achieve our goals, we want to realize ourselves , we believe we have come to this world for this purposes. Therefore we attend to educations, seminars and take consulting and coaching. We try to benefit from others experiences and knowledge and try to improve ourselves. We are trying to make a difference by improving our skills. If we can improve our competence, make a difference, we can add value to our life and make it more meaningful. All we have to do is to adopt tis approaches; knowing our attributes, in line with our reality, selecting the right path to improve ourselves and try to make a difference with right selections and methods to use our time and resources effectively. We always evaluate ourselves by looking at what we have done in the past. For example CV data, successes, experiences, rewards are defining us from others eyes. If appropriate opportunities are given by looking at this past data and information we have the capacity to realize our potential and we have look forward to understand how much we can overcome the borders of productivity and effectiveness. The aim of the education is to bring out the attributes and skills of individuals, improve the existing ones, gain new attributes and give knowledge to compete. With contribution of qualifies, hard-working and productive individuals,we can achieve happy, developed, safe and modern society. modernity is proportional to the investments in humans. Trying to find the potential of the emplyees which is the real value of the employees and bringing it our is one the key points of a company. Things to do in this path are creating physical conditions and opportunities to help the employees to realize their potentials and bringing them our, regulations to help employees work to make difference and be productive.

Only by using transformation and adoptation, companies can turn the potantial of the employees into performance.





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