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In a world where globalization and intensified competition in all areas , to ensure customer satisfaction and creating loyal customers path Process Management ' is required.

In particular, the way in which public services are improved for the benefit of society is passed on to Process Management.

Since there is output of offered any goods or services to customers, product or service according to the customer needs and expectations and less costly for companies to operate in a way , it is necessary to examine the process.

Process is a series of activity beginning with an input demand from internal and external customer, information and raw material and resulting with an output which is the added valued input.

The process is the case or events will be held in a certain way and a certain draft according to the results of a succession of inputs or to obtain a value increase connected with a series of transaction activity . 

Benefits of Process Management

Organizations are formed vertically and hierarchical structures . The process is a formation usually a horizontal working with the participation of people from multiple departments. Although there are process starts and ends only for a department these are  - particularly from the company's main processes included to functions.

On the vertical organizations, beginning of the end of the steps , clearly defined transition from department to department , and when non- horizontal process works and documented each department involved in the process to be responsible for their doing just that ; that monitors the entire process , the observer , supervising one ( process owner) where it is not , disruptions in processes that are very natural and it is . 

And the main thing is often overlooked that the customer service is the most important thing

Process management helps focusing on the customer.

Fundamental process issues: duplicate or erroneous , made ​​of non- value-added jobs , the extension of cycle time or operation , incorrect outputs etc. These form customer dissatisfaction. And this in middle or long term causes decrease in profit. Managing the processes in a good way prevents these. Because the purpose of the process is working in a effective, efficient, and a low cost operation. In addition, the process of working on the basis of the ideas and suggestions that need employees , employees are more motivated to work because of giving value to ideas and suggestions and adopt their jobs.

This management value that given value to human provides people to create an environment where they can develop themselves and their skills. These elements increase loyalty to company. Other benefits are clearly defined expectations and goals , simplified procedures, and clear job descriptions, skills development and increase the individual authority.

Process Improvement 

  • Classification of Processes
  • Process Hierarchy
  • Determining and defining processes 

According to this definition processes are: Separated into two like production processes and business processes

Project / Production Process, Process that produces products which will be presented to outer customer,

Business Process, using corporate resources , the monitoring of the results to be related to corporate objectives is related logical sequential process group with each other.

processes for satisfaction of external customers , internal processes for customer satisfaction , management processes, the process for making the business plan and manage basic and support processes are  the classification.

Process Hierarchy

Processes that are defined as basic processes are running processes across multiple departments or functions . There can be 8-10 fundamental processes in an organization. 

Fundamental processes include multiple processes. Every process has a sub-process

"Customer Satisfaction Management " which is a fundamental process that  most of the company's are not aware of, involves two processes .

  • Process that has customer contact
  • Processes that support these

Determining and Defining Processes

An organization should start from the basic process of determining  and what the organization does and should focus on what you want to do . To get rid of the section or department in terms of functional perspective and look at the glasses is important. It is important to observe how business and work flows . 

Basic processes, is obtained by dividing the process into manageable logical subgroups.

A process can be divided into sub-processes or contain only processes ( activities).

The basic process / processes / sub-processes ); Because there are more of them in the process .

Once the process have been identified, for each a process owner should be assigned and processes should be defined. The meaning to define a process, the process of input , output , suppliers , customer , start event , end event , the Participants taking part in the process , how the process performance will be identify and document the process owners. For that should prepare a suitable form for this, every process must be described in a page and the " process map " drawn in this definition should be added. Than documentation is completed.

  • How much investment for products and / or Services for sales and marketing activities ( market research, branding , etc . ) , Research and development activities and so on? 
  • What is the size of our investment  in technology use in terms of software, hardware, e-commerce , communication, production / operations technology and so on. ?
  • Education in the field of human resources , performance management, consulting and so on. costs, to provide customers with products and services , is enough to add value to your organization 
  • Relations between individuals in your organization designated by top management strategy and objectives with day jobs , good / bad performance been able to discern ? 
  • Departments across the whole of the business ( business process ) to see , to understand, to manage the performance of business processes , and you can make it difficult to improve existing walls ?
  • Does department objective and  customers needs to achieve corporate objectives and direction of each other with the internal customer relations ,  aware of the need to make their internal customer service levels ? 
  • Is the performance of a defined workflow involving multiple departments , is monitored and evaluated? Is there any ownership of this mission? 

Using human resources at the right quality and in quantity , using appropriate technological tools, plans you with your strategy and goal to offer products and services " consistent , well-known and tried to" conduct their ( business processes ) and should work 

If you run any process improvement project you should understand the process , to identify the best processes, the processes to ensure continuous improvement and by including all of your employees , and tell them " extra work " is not " real work " You have to experience that. 
For business process management, the following questions must be answered . 

  • How can accuracy proven , standardized ways of doing business be documented?
  • How to place the process of understanding , how to make people 's participation ? 
  • How is the best ways of doing business can be described in visual layout?
  • How consistency and connectivity between workflow are achieved and what should be the level of detail ? 
  • How can business of the participation of those who know best  be continuously improved in line with the requirements of both business and the identification process? 
  • Is it performed in an efficient manner using the least resources ? 

Fundamental Opinions on Business Process Management
Business processes defines how to create value to that customer and  the actual work. In traditionally, process and functional organization fragmented , divided , not easily detected, identified and are managed in order of performance consequently unclear . 

Thinking with business processes requires a different way of thinking. Business process management requires an understanding of cross- function . 

Business processes are the center of all management system and is infrastructure. ( Job descriptions , organizational structure, management and measurement system, the automation system)

Any type of change in an environment where project management of business processes fails or expected benefits cannot  be fully realized . (CRM, ERP, TQM etc)

Ill defined , unmanaged , an unclaimed process automation can do more harm than good. Information technology facilities do not direct their business processes, business process owners and information technology requirements should be directed .





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