Beyond Creating Value, Project Management

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In technology era the main source of the companies is to use the information to create added-values and have the ability and sustainability to apply them into business.  

Intellectual capital of the organizations increase the efficiency in the sustainable works and creates a new product or service to show opportunities. 

As in the organizations richness of national economies develop when ideas are converted to services or products, in other words creative dynamism dominates the people. To catch the richness and use it in information production tools is equivalent to creating a value. Because in the economy new power focus needs idea generation and using it properly rather than financial resources. 

Due to economic crises environmental problems, public superficiality and organizational breakdowns have turned into more dynamic structure with connections and dependencies on Earth are causing problems and deeper problems in terms of ineffective understanding of complex systems, management and solution problems. 

With the use of technology organizations are more dependent to qualified personnel. Organizations can be successful related with the quality and working standards of its employees. Organizations need both team working and individual contributions. The aim is to provide individual contribution. In today's managerial approach the common goal is to establish more contribution and creativeness of the employees. Organizations which are enabling to create new ideas and applying them will be the winning companies. Boundaries slows down the companies. Boundaries prevent organizations to be agile, flexible and innovative. Winning companies loosen these boundaries. 

Intelligence occur when you see the big picture as a whole rather than your personal point of view. As a society we should change our education and interaction in every level. As a part of the system where everyone is effected from each other as the power of whole, we should develop a habit of working together. In the past employees kept the information they have and do not want to share, because these information has added-values to the individually. With the advance in technology information is not enough on it's own, the ability to use the information is equally important. 

You either create a value and contribute or you don't wait a job security.

The existence of companies and employees is to go beyond customer expectations. To attain these advantages you should cooperate with employees more. You should authorize the employees and provide necessary education and skills. A trust environment should be built to share the success of the company. People who do their work are the best employees but they can be better and if you create an environment where employees can develop themselves and share success to be the best, the organization will probably be more successful.

Making a difference, sincere acts, being a trustworthy person, caring for others and monitoring the reality are some attributes. Everybody should use initiatives and be responsible to create value.





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