Project Managers As A Seller

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No matter what we do in business life, we achieve tht our product or service is bought by someone and this buyer gives value for this and earning money in short or long term. 

Therefore selling is the part of life in every point. This is even there for the employee who conducts ordinary operations. This is the same for managing the most complex international marketing networks. They are same. The problem is the being aware of this situation. If we are aware, we put efforts to direct selling process and lead it into the channel we desire, if not we leave it to the flow and start complaining when the sales are going bad.

When we sell, the main principle is to give the customer what he/she wants. It can be the perfect product. But the most important thing is that does the customer wants to buy it? It the customers wants it, when there is required conditions he/she will buy it. Therefore you should make sure that they buy it from you not from anybody else. You should show that what you are doing is their need. Either you will meet customers needs or you have to find a product that will meet the needs. No matter what, effort and communication is needed. 

In Project Management this is a fundamental sales principle and within the hypothesis. Project Manager should be a good seller. If Project manager is seller than who is the customer? Constitutively it is project shareholders and their own boss. Therefore project manager determines and analysis the needs of these people, take precautions accordingly and manager the project providing the communication too. The determinations in detail level will have to change during the project in terms of technical properties of the product. These subject should be worked and though in detail. It has to be a neat process.

But the following will never change, sponsor as project shareholder provides financing for the production and earns money by selling the product will require the product to be vendable, making a difference and has minimum time and cost. We want to emphasize this. Concepts are relative. It is about observing and analyzing what is more and what is less. It will change accordingly to endorsement.

The owner of the products will desire that products meet the technical and functional properties. Also another subject should be emphasized. Dreams and expectation can be high and enormous. But this is fundamental requirement.

Users will give support that everything works easy and well and determine the properties of infrastructure. This situation you face in your project is mostly thought that user's perfect system definition is self-sufficient system without any external help. Since it is not possible or it will cost too much the approach to construct the balance is creating an environment where people will relax and fell secure when they are doing their job.

Project team is the people who make a product from zero. The properties I look for the most are clear definition of the work, moving the obstacles, asking the ideas when planning, achieving participation, being informed about improvements and changes, and thanks and awards after the job is completed. 

Project manager should understand these needs on time and correctly and actions for rapidly changing situation should be made. Remember fundamental principle of selling is to give the people what they need.

Not more not less..





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