What is Business Analysis? What Does Business Analyst Do?

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When Business analysis concept is considered, two different subject appear in a persons mind.

1. The meaning which has been for long, a project or product in the firm requires business development side such as  market research, determining product attributes, feasibility activities.

2. Creating a processes that is new or desired to be optimized, requires analysis to pass to automation.

The second subject covers the need for analysis to develop softwares and applications which are needed in every day life with the increase of computer use.

The responsibilities in the first article are transferred to the roles stated by product managers. This is a natural process. Since the subjects are different and they are complicated to need different experiences and savings. But interaction is dense in every situation.

This subject should be clear. The business analysts that we employee should express our expectations properly. Different firms that we consult are having some problems since these separations are not clear.

Another aspect of this dimension is how much the business analysts will be in the application development process, at which level of responsibility of technical processes are highly debatable. Developer teams regularly expresses that the role of business analysts is to collect needs and requirements and transfer them to developers. Following this step they decide that software analysis and design is "technical" issues and software teams responsibility.

This debate is not necessary by all means. Thus the work that will be done is the activities that should be conducted together thought the project. There are four fundamental levels of analysis and design in software life cycle. First two levels are conceptual and definition levels, these are the subject of business analysis. Third and forth stages include valid and technical teams in terms f physical and application level. But at every stage requires working together. Since it is desired to produce software if the design is made accordingly, at every level details will be increased and a quality software can be obtained.

Special techniques and methods and analysis methodologies should be comprehended by all teams. Then teams can complete other teams work and communicate in the same page to establish better understanding as well as creating a comprehensive analysis and design inventory. Therefore studying test scenarios will be easier.





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