Role of Users in Software Development Projects.

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We are developing softwares for years. We have worked with countless projects We have applied limitless discipline and methods.

We have quality certification. We developed processes. We always worked to find the better way. We worked with consultants.

We spend serious amount of money on the way. But all of these efforts are not in vain. I think we are at an important point. We are better than a decade ago. We are using and managing technology better.

But is it enough? Of course not. We are still in search. It is not possible for this to end because the World is not like we used to know. We should be faster, more confident, more output focuses and more agile.

We focused on the technological resources while doing our projects. We raised project managers. We raised analysts We try to increase the abilities of our software teams.

We are the generation of the Ecole. Today our country is one of the leading countries in terms of using technological products. This outcome is due to the efforts.

When we look at the past our most successful projects are the ones where the user and technical team work together as a team. As much as the user and developer gets closer, the success of the products will increase. There are some exceptions. But these are really exceptions. User and analyst teams should work together at every stage of the project.

But as in all the projects, technological projects has some unique properties. With our technological teams that we have invested through the years, the users should learn and known same main requirements.

At this point it is time to involve the users. The nature of the projects should be explained to the users of the finished products. Analysis techniques should be shared and education on technology project assumptions and methods should be given. There are some organizations that partially implement this process. Since we have the chance to observe the experiences of these organizations, we can say that we are this point.

To obtain high returns for investments to our software development project technology recourses, we believe that users should be involved in the process and have the adequate knowledge.

With more conscious consumption, there will be more successful market. Competition is a hard process. You have to be different to lead. But when we achieve this, we enjoy what we do and become profitable. Our employees should become conscious teams. 





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