Why Demand Management?

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To reach the desired outcomes, you should know what you wanted to do. Demand Management are the inventory of your needs, expectations and dreams. It is the book. To reach your dreams accounting, rediscount and calculation of depreciation are needed.

Expectation from today's technology has increased drastically and now one of the standard job of a company with, IT department is to cerate endless demand. Every employees tries to figure a way to complete every job using computer. In addition once technology was used as a tool for recording and monitoring now in many sectors technology has become the product itself and become the fundamental tools to reach the objectives of the company.

Therefore demands are increasing everyday. We don't have the statistical data but if we could collect all the IT demands in the world, it would probably reach billions. If we try to realize all the demands

1. We neither have necessary resources nor time. Therefore we need to filter.
2. If we can group and work on the similar ones ar once, we will achieve productivity.
3. Questions should be followed. 

To summarize recording the demands and the inventory is a must. We can even decide to promote an employee by looking at the demands of that employee in the company. At least you can use it as an input. If the questions who wanted which, why did they want it, what happened and what are the outputs are investigated that persons motivation, domination to the job, monitoring, being result oriented, contribution to firm, contribution to productivity, effect to profitability and contribution to team work will present an input to measure the demands. This should be in department basis. Demand management is thought to be a tool to measure general IT performance. This is true but rather it is a measure of business unit  performances. 

To do all of this, demand management should built according to solid processes and systems. If e-mails all around, chaotic situation due to constant blaming others cannot be controlled, we cannot have an output from this job. Also this means we are wasting our resources and may miss market opportunities.

In another words everything in technology starts with need and demand. If we cannot  take control from the beginning, it is doubtful that we will have the control of following processes. 

Demand management is not subject which can be solved between user and technology units. It should be directed and managed by the upper management to serve companies objectives and strategies.





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