The Role of Business Analyst in Project Success

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What is the Role of Business Analyst in Project Success?

An experienced Project Manager is important for project success. At least as important as it is is to have an experienced Business Analyst within the project.

As it is known, project success is constructed on 3 basic lines. These are the basic lines of time, scope and cost. Together with quality, the achievement of these three basic lines brings success to the project. Time and Cost are directly the project manager's responsibility. However, when it comes to scope baseline, we see Business Analyst stand out clearly. It is also seen in quality that it also stands out.

Which base line is more effective in project success?
Let us consider the answer to this question. In terms of Time and Cost, the projected targets were reached at the beginning of the project and even the scope of the project was reached. But the customer did not get the product he was expecting. Is the project successful in this case?

No, of course not. Because the targeted point within the scope of the product has not been reached.
This is where the role of business analyst and business analyst becomes clear in terms of project success. Delivering the right product to a customer means identifying the right needs, transforming them into the right stakeholder needs, designing and developing it correctly. This is the main task of the business analyst.

One of the important steps that business analysts should take when performing business analytics activities depends on accurately identifying and planning business analytics activities. The bottom step is the right stakeholder analysis. Stakeholder Analysis is, as it is known, an activity carried out immediately after the Project Start-up Document, according to the PMI methodology, in the Project Start-up Period. This stage reveals the stakeholders for the entire project team project, while the business analyst performs the project business analysis activities and the stakeholder analysis for the product scope activities.

In these analyzes, they actively prepare their own business analysis plan, set out the requirements management plan, and carry out requirements collection activities. Prioritization of requirements and establishment of traceability are among the tasks of the Business Analyst. Business Analisiti also performs an important activity in terms of the project, which is the establishment of a change management process within the project.

As can be seen, the most important activities of the project manager in terms of project success are Scope Management and Job Analysis. When looking at this point from a different perspective, one of the most important stakeholders of the project manager, perhaps the most important is the Business Analyst in terms of project success.

For this reason, the introduction of more successful projects within an organization can be achieved by using the IIBA Business Analysis methodology and the PMI Project Management methodology in a consistent manner.





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