Preparation for PMP Exam

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What should I do to to get ready for PMP Certificate examination?


PMP exam lasts for 4 hours and consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  


You may be expereinced in Project Management and you may be doing this job for many years. 

But unfortunatly this is not enough to pass the examination. 

You should adopt PMI approach in Project Management. 

To do this this you should read PMBOK documents and study, study, study. 

Experience is critical in Project Management but if you are preparing to the exam you should study according to PMBOK rather than your experiences. 

But is PMBOK enough to get ready? 

No it is not. 

Reading PMBOK can be boring due to the used language and explanation of the subjects. Different resources and supplementary books will help you to understand better with easy and fluent styles. For that reason supplement from other resources are necessary. 

Supplementary books have some information to reply the unexpected questions in the exam which are not present in PMBOK. 

To enter the exam you need at least 35 hours project management education and 4.500 hours experience in 3 years. 

200 questions are short questions that you can answer easily but there are long questions that require longer answers too. 

If you taking the exam in English, you should have good command in reading/understanding. 

4. edition of PMBOK is translated to Turkish under sponsorship of Türk Telekom. Prject Management Information Guideline (PMBOK 4 Turkish) 2011, the exam can be taken in Turkish as assisting language since January 2011. 

Now how will you prepare to exam? 

Depending on experiences and the person general of 80-120 hour of preparation is needed. If you spend 2 hours a day, you will need 40 days to complete. 

It is not easy.

You should read PMBOK at least 2 times. You should understand the terminology and relations between processes. Output of one process is input of the other. It is not possible to memorize input-tool and technical-output of 42 processes. 

What are supplementary books? 

Rita Mulcahy : PMP Exam Prep, Sixth Edition: Rita’s Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam, 

Kim Heldman : PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, Includes Audio CD 

Most popular book around the world is Rita Mulcahy's preparation book.. Everybody who is preparing to PMP exam, reads these books. After Rita's book Kim Heldman's book is the second popular. 

Rita is an exam oriented book. It is easy to read and the language is simple. 

First read PMBOK than Rita. 

Then solve the trial exam. 

We recommend you to take the free test in 

Solve 30-50 questions a day and look up your mistakes in PMBOK.

If you have used your time effectively you can read Kim Heldman's book after PMBOK. Kim's questions are harder than Rita's. 

Few weeks before the examination day you should solve 30-50 questions every day and if possible 2 200 question tests. 200 question tests are important. You need to measure yourself. 4 hours is not shorts. It is better to understand how you feel after 2 hours. 

The easy part of the exam is mathematical questions based on formulas are easy. 

Hardest part of the exam is all the options in "best" and "most" question but one of them is the most correct one.





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