What is Project Management?

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What is Project and Project Management? ...

Foreseeing the future, determining alternatives for possible situations and shaping future is a human property.

Accessibility and attainability have reached unique levels with the increasing competition. In this era with tremendous changed both directing the process correctly and thinking project based to shape the future as we like, we should make our behaviors and work executions compatible with expectations. 

What is project? 

Project is realizing an idea. 

Projects are tools to carry the dreams into solid applications. It is concretization of the outcomes in our ideals. It is determining the potentially related with our desired outcome. It is realistic basis calculation for achievable objectives. It is a balance between opportunities and treat and weaknesses. It is executing where we are coming from and where we want to go. 

Project is the trail to calculate our powers, knowing our boundaries, adjusting time seeing the possible effects. It is a tool to monitor deviation between what we have foreseen and created. It is a measure to understand how effectively did we use human and financial resources in production stages. 

In Turkey, by influencing society and " designing the future " project stakeholders  , "Project Management" and " project manager" concept is provided interaction of light ; Project management"  " is to introduce ; to determine applications and standards; Basic knowledge of project management and become the reference.

The aim is developing and popularizing project management theory and application, encouraging professionalism and quality in Project Management and developing and protecting vocational standards.

Project management is managing appropriate resources to reach the desired objectives by controlling and organizing the work environment.

What are the properties of project management?  

Project management should be objective oriented. 

Project management centralizes change. 

In project management project teams are constructed with individuals that have different skills. 

Project teams search for new solutions. 

In Project Managements control and monitoring is done so that the job is completed on time. 

Project management should be performance oriented. For the quality of job and working style, high standards are established.

In project management project teams try to develop new methods.

Project management is a short period business and in this short period multiple works should be completed.

Project management is more complex compared to management in the other departments. Project manager should have more team skills and responsibilities than normal managers.

  • Managing a group of people from different departments. 
  • Filling the gaps if any of the team members cannot continue to the project.
  • Creating an effective project management environment with constantly changing team members.
  • Building an effective team from people who do not know each other.
  • Preventing poor communication and poor information flow due to working with a team that does not know each other.
  • Motivating team members to do jobs that is not their prior duty.
  • Building a team spirit so that team members can meet and learn something from each other.
  • Project team is shaped under the organizational structure. At the first stage of the project, since people who do not know each other will work together, there may be inevitable conflicts. Team members will form a pattern and number of conflicts will decrease. Sometimes correct tools and techniques may not be enough to achieve the outcomes. In these situation project manger should intervene and prevent potential conflicts and risks.





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