Taking Risks

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Uncertainty is the biggest enemy of a project manager. 

In other words you do not now what kind of problem, obstacles or surprises are waiting for you. 

When you are not thinking a problem and you take a step forwards uncertainties, obstacles and problems will cause you take a few steps back. 

Thinking hard about how you`re going to deliver your project scope is important, but it`s even more important to think about what can prevent you from completing your project. 

That means taking a proactive approach to managing risks before they happen. While you can`t prevent risks from happening, you can greatly reduce the negative impact on your project`s scope, schedule, budget and quality. 

And PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) risk management really create s difference. PMBOK defined risk management processes systematically in terms of planning, determining, evaluation and project risk management in six processes: risk management planning, risk identification, qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis), risk response planning, risk monitoring and control. I am going to talk about how to handle and use risk management approaches to increase your chances to deliver the project on time and in the limits of budget. 

Risk Management Planning

Risk management planning is management planning, understanding the risks and dangers and managing the risks. This will come later in the process. We desire to sketch a general risk management plan to determine which management type should be applied or selected. It identifies what the upfront is and which methodology will be used, who ill determine the plan and their responsibilities (if we have enough resources for the process), in addition to risk monitoring identification of risk, measurement and techniques. 

What will you project do? You will achieve a road map to guide your management activities, and this will prevent wasting time and resources for the process. 

The best way of PMBOK risk identification process is the feedbacks of the project team members and defining the risks and their triggers. 

You should enter all the dimensions of WBS-2.
Each of the should be tested and registered to risk category. Using all this information-collection methods, brainstorming and analysis is made Delphi method is used and warnings for the risk events and their trigger list are taken into agenda. The key points to be notes are methods used by the risk identification team, and determining the time to predefined isk management plan. It is important to remember the risks, and you should not evaluate the ethical part of risk scope and strategies. You should have time to evaluate these things. What you wanted to do is risky until the documents.





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