Building High Performance Teams and Managing These Teams

09 Mayıs 2013 9198 0 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Hakan Aksungar

Project management ,  are now being widely used in many organizations. Building a project team and creating a high performance work is under the responsibility of management.  

  • Projects are transient works. This means they are jobs with starting and ending dates. 
  • It requires people with different expertise and abilities. 
  • Work load of the projects are variable. Sometimes the work load is low and sometimes the tempo increases. 
  • There are risks and uncertainties. For that reason it is hard plan and organize. 
  • Projects are the union of different and complex jobs. It requires complex relations. 
  • Ir requires effective communication, coordination, harmony and understanding. 
  • Generally time, quality, cost and safety are contradictory. 
  • There is a need for employees who can solve problems, thinking analytically, creative, original and flexible. 

On the other hand project team has some factors that makes the project management a hard process . 

  • These employees are hard people with different attitudes and behaviors. 
  • They know their differences and values. 
  • They do not like to be compatible, their freedom is important. 
  • They are self-enclosed people and their communication skills and belonging is low. 

It is a real management problem to build a high performance team with such employees. But the team should be built for the success of the project. 

Building a team generally has four stages; introduction, conflict, agreement and sharing. The team which has reached the forth stage has ;

  • "we" conscious. 
  • Open and honest communication is obtained, reliance and understanding is created. 
  • Winning desire and belonging are settled. 
  • Personal powers are united and synergy is obtained. 
  • Win-win and solution has become the part of the team. 

Teams which work with high performance have the property of trusting to themselves, other team members and to the leader. Belonging, support and solidarity, effective communication, kindness and respect are the other properties of these teams. Performance can be shortly defines as capability of doing something and wanting. To obtain a high performance team in an organization the following should eb applied ;

  • Focusing on the job. 
  • Employees should have the ability to their job. 
  • They should love the job and commit themselves. 

Managers want the employees to have technical and vocational education and apply them. For that reason it can bring advantage if employee requirement is done as a detailed process. Competence is abilities that are gained from experience in addition to technical abilities. Practicing for some period and working with a senior will help them to build competence. 

Positive attitude, devotion to job, loving the job, working and success desire are the important performance prerequisites. In the evaluation of success of teams in sports, art or business they have belief, resolution, courage, patience, morale, motivation, willingness, trust, enthusiasm, passion, determination, colobration, communication and understanding. In this case to improve this emotional properties int he work environment, project managers should try to make initiative to build a "team spirit" and to create a "culture". In other words, the duty of the project manager is to develop an open and trust based relationship between employees, obtain communication and colobration and make sure that high motivation is present. 

To summarize in a high performance project teams trust, communication, understanding, sharing, motivation, creative thinking properties should be improves and activities and educations to improve these properties should be designed.





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