Where should I start the Business Analyst?

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As a profession Business analysis requires a different and broad range of skills besides technical knowledge. Business analysts should develop and refresh their professional knowledge as well as develop their personal competencies.

It is useful to understand the three basic concepts that business analysts will be able to carry out in any sector.  In this article we will briefly present this basic concept.

What is the requirement?

We can take a different approach to understand what the need is. For example, drinking tea every morning is a necessity? Is a laptop computer a necessity to do your work? I do not know the answers to these questions. But we can describe the need as follows.

"Solving a problem is condition or capability that a stakeholder or stakeholder group needs to fulfill a need".

As you can see, the stakeholder is important in defining the need. So what is the stakeholder? Who does it consist of?

What is Stakeholder? How is Stakeholder Identified?

A stakeholder is a person, person or unit that is directly or indirectly influenced, influenced or influenced by the work / project / system to be realized. It is important to identify stakeholders to achieve successful projects. Stakeholder analysis One of the core tasks of a business analyst. Stakeholders that are not correctly identified in the projects may cause the projects to prolong or fail. For this reason, business analysts should try to identify stakeholders correctly with techniques such as stakeholder list, stakeholder matrix or onion diagram. We will examine these techniques in detail in our other scripts

What is Requirement Engineering?

Identifying requirements engineering needs is an approach that enables systematic and disciplined implementation of acceptance, storage, documentation, prioritization and management of approvals. For successful projects, it is important that the stakeholders are identified correctly and that the requirements are correctly set out by applying the right requirement engineering approach.

As a business analyst, he must learn the three concepts in this article well and do what they need to do in their work.

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