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Business analysis units started to shape in the middle of 1980s when computers began to be part of our lives. It was not called ,business analysis at that time but the organizations in the process has gone through some stages.
The importance and necessity of analysis and test of software was not understood as today. The software developer would start coding with asking questions to a user. And this was best case scenario. We call this period Code and Go. As a result of hard times and problems after the analysis the importance of testing is understood.

In this process during 90s system analytic and business analyst  concepts become clearer. Before writing a code, the problem to be solves and software should be designed in advance.
These were predicted by academicians bur it needed time to be popular in business world. First developers become analyst. But increasing software demand and need to master on technical details in a constantly developing world took more time. Thus business analysis concept came into business and as  a natural result employments began.

At first organizations had no idea where to place these people. First idea was the side of developers. And everything was done. Business analyst and development team start to work under the same roof without any additional hierarchy. But with increasing complexity of business and software environment, expert areas and need for human resources made it harder for them to stay together which are in fact different.

There is a benefit of this process. In today's world nearly every subject has a complexity and load to be solves with a team. A person should adopt team culture and the idea to be more successful with a team. Business analysts and developers have gained this culture since they were working together from the beginning. They have developed the skills to move as a team. They embraced each other. They knew they are not competitors but a team. 

As a result career paths of business analyst are defined separately since they require an organizational hierarchy for their own due to organizational and management needs, business analysts and developers continued to adopt this culture in the organization. 

But in organizations which have not gone through this process, due to some consultants who have not adopted the system and dictating the markets trends to cu stormers faced with problems when business analysis units are formed. Developer and business analyst started to work on like separate planets. In this sense there are many problems and inefficiencies. The problems are searched somewhere else, most of the time they were close to the problem but mostly they ignored the essence was people who can work together. Organizations which changed the structure every year for solutions cannot obtain the desired efficiency. As a natural results this projected to profits, efficiency and competition. There were unpleasant experiences and time losses. All they have to do was establishing team work which have input-output relation, respect each others work and creating team spirit to    share the work load.

Worst organization also work. They can be inefficient but they work. Only people should be able to work together. The point is never technical rather it changes with psychological and social paradigm. This is the main idea when there is human factor.





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