Interaction Between Project Management and Business Analysis

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When Project Management become popular around the world in 80--90s, Mr Ahmet Taşpınar in 1997 was giving Project Management education of PMI® (Project Management Institute) in one of the most powerful private banks of Turkey therefore it is accepted as starting of project management methodology in Turkey.

The aim of PMI is to establish global project management standards and best application and obtaining education and certification with this standards. 

Until this day PMI® Project Management Methodology has developed with new approaches and technology and banks or financial institutions in Turkey have adopted Project Management discipline. Project Management makes the works in an organization more effective, benefit for effective and corporation resource management as well as promoting team work. PYO - Projecy Management Offices have become strategic center to manage the corporation project from single center. People who work in Project Management Offices are encouraged to take PMI® certification. 

PMI® 's individual certification PMP® (Project Management Professional) has gained value as an individual certification credited by organizations.

A person with PMP® certificate is adequate to manage a project all around the world. 

In Turkey 1.135 person have this certification as today. (May 2012)

There is no doubt that this number will increase in the future. I hope it will and this number will reach 10.000.

Similarly Business Analysis has become a professional job and expertise field. The most important non-profit organization in business analysis is IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis). 
The aim of IIBA  is to establish global business analysis standards and best application and obtaining education and certification with this standards.
IIBA® – Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification program is accepted as the most important international certification program in business analysis. CBAP®  certification exams held by IIBA® measures the knowledge and competence levels of the participants in analyzing technology projects.

Business Analyst is responsible for managing requirement cycle. The duties of a business analyst are;

  • Determining shareholders needs for the solution, revealing real business needs 
  • Analyzing and documentation
  • Building a bridge between shareholders and IT team
  • Documenting processes,
  • Catching development opportunities,
  • Documenting needs,

In practice some of the organization run project management, system analysis and testing by Business Analyst but in fact business analyst is entirely a separate specialty..
The main interaction area between Project Management and Business Analyst is defining requirement, managing them and managing the project.

  • Information are where requirements of the project is collected is known as scope management. But requirements are constantly collected in project life cycle.

Especially in the beginning of IT Projects, during corporate analysis, demands, transition to production there are always demands or change in the demands, in short requirements are always there and information is collected.

If requirements are not collected and analyzed effectively; projects scope can not be determined clearly and fully and therefore time, cost and resource plan is hard to make. 

And if requirements are not collected enough or not managed, the projects are doomed to fail.

  • Requirement Analysis effects the Quality Management of the project. Since suitability to needs and requirements is described as quality, even if the project is  completed in desired time or budget, it cannot be defined as "successful".
  • Revealing shareholders management, expectations and needs and managing them are the most important objective of the project. The main responsibility is on Business Analysts shoulder. Project Manager gives information to shareholder about the scope of the projects and determining the needs to make them a part of the project and coordinates the shareholder with Business Analyst.
  • Analyzing needs in an effective and efficient way, planning the activities of quality control, confirmation and validation activities are the conditions for a project. The main role and responsibility for these activities is on Business Analyst. 

Business Analysis Management and Expertise is a very important role with Project Management. 

As PMP certification for Project Management is a must among organizations, CBAP certification for Business Analyst will be like this certification in the future.





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