Halo Effect in Project Management

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If you are in a project under the management of someone who is appointed as project manager by the cognitive prejudice of "the project manager we are looking for" by senior management because the level of professional knowledge and skill is advanced within the organization in which you are working at any stage of your business life, You are the victim of one of the thousands of cases of prejudice.

How does this bias prevail? What are the triggering factors?

Let's take a look at the definition of effectiveness before we go through it ...

What is Halo Impact?

The Halo Effect is an illusion that the American psychologist Edward Thorndike reveals in his experiments on human behavior. According to this illusion, in the structure of human thought; A person has a tendency to believe that a person can have all kinds of work, ability to do all kinds of things, knowledge, and skill, by going from one skill to another.

Immediately reinforce this definition with an example that fits into project management:

A senior software developer writing advanced code in the IT department can manage a very good software project.

That's the illusion ...

Can someone from the inside try to manage the project very well? Say what ?

Obviously, the importance of knowing the job technically can not be denied, but like every lane in which "management" occurs, project management also requires a methodological approach. For the PMI approach, this is shaped by three basic skills that have been well reinforced by the recent concept of PMI Talent Triangle - Talent Triangle.

It is possible to talk about effective and efficient project management if the individual can put these three basic skills defined by skill trilogy on existing vocational technical knowledge. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to tolerate the project life cycle against the risks, constraints, and conditions of today's competitive business life dynamics ...

What are the factors that trigger Halo Effect in Project Management?

So, when everything is clear and distinct, why and how can we see one as a Project Manager who does not have Halo Effect and project management criteria? Which factors trigger the Halo Effect?

Actually the answer is quite simple: "Organizational Structuring" is the basis of these factors. The organizational structure of the organization you are in is a strategic factor in the "boss company" consistency in public language, in the environment of the institutional structuring and in a place far away from the work flow principles, naturally "the best management is the business is sarcastic" !! You will see nice project managers with. Nevertheless, knowledge and education are not open, in other words, it is another element that strengthens this effect well in the factor of closure.

Stay calm until you meet again ...





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